AKA Vows To Attend Burna Boy’s Show, After Initial Threat to Beat The Rapper Up


South African rapper, AKA seems to be in a mood to have a face-off with Nigerian singer, Burna Boy after he revealed that he would be attending the Afro-fusion’s scheduled performance at a show in his country, South Africa.

Recall that there was an uproar by Nigerians against AKA during the Xenophobia attack after the rapper made some comments which didn’t go down with Nigerians. AKA during the Xenophobic tension made a comment that insinuated that foreigners should stay in their countries, provoking a lot of reactions in the process.

Reacting to the comment in a tweet, Burna Boy called the rapper a ‘retard’, ending his statement with a threat to beat AKA up anytime he sees him, the singer even swore on the grave of his late friend “Gambo”.


Against that backdrop, AKA has decided to attend a Burna Boy show schedule to hold in South Africa, according to the rapper he ‘would like to see Burna Boy put his hands on him’

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