American Actress Lashana Lynch Makes History As The First Black Female 007

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The James Bond franchise has confirmed that its 25th release would feature talented American actress Lashana Lynch, who makes history as the first Black female 007 agent in the long-time film series.

According to Glamour, Lynch appeared to confirm that her character in the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die, will take on that famous call signal: 007. The movie is currently slated to come out in April 2021, after its release was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The badass beauty who killed her role in Captain Marvel, however have been met with mixed reviews, from fans who have spewed gross and racist comments, an experience that Lynch recently opened up about with Harper’s Bazaar UK.

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In No Time to Die, Lynch’s character Nomi has taken the reigns of the iconic 007 codename, while Daniel Craig‘s Bond has been in retirement– but she won’t be taking on the actual role of James Bond in the film.

Lynch’s backlash is an experience that black actors continually face when climbing the ladder to Hollywood success, with Star Wars’ John Boyega being the most recent actor to speak out against studios who don’t protect the actors they bring into their productions.

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