M-Net Studio 53 Extra Lead Anchor Marcy Dolapo Oni Opens Up

The Drama, Presenting And The Style

Marcy Dolapo Oni (MOD) is the Nigeria/British striking petite beauty and lead anchor of M-Net’s hit programme Studio 53 Extra. She has a face and personality you can hardly miss on Television. Dolapo, a Masters degree graduate in Drama from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts London began her career with acting roles in theatre.

She was in stage production, Ìyá-Ilé, (means the first wife) written by Oladipo Agboluaje and nominated for the prestigious Lawrence Olivier Award. Dolapo has also played roles in other theatre productions including In Time, Walking Waterfall, God is a DJ and has been involved in a few acting workshop and productions.

Drama in the life of Dolapo is endless; she’s got the job most people dream to have with a typical work day of shuttling between two countries, “I&#39ll describe a working day, I arrive in South Africa from Lagos around 5:30 am, have a few hours sleep, then get to the studio for 8am. Off to hair and makeup until about 9am, film two episodes of 53 Extra until about 12pm then head to airport to catch a flight back to Lagos for 3:30pm. I land around 9pm”. That is what is called living the life!

Picture:Thisday Style
Photographer: Ty Bello
Stylist: Veronica Ebie- Odeka- Vane Style

Onobello.com caught up with this enchanting and confident young lady on a one-hour drive sat in Lagos traffic from Victoria Island to Muritala Mohammed Airport running to catch her next flight out to South Africa. We must confess we were blown away with her love and commitment to what she knows how to do best! She speaks frankly and openly here…

OB:  How did you land your role as lead anchor for M-Net Studio 53 Extra, did your previous acting background add to your securing it?

MDO: I was helping a friend out interviewing people on the red carpet for her film premier &#39Small Boy&#39. It was there a friend told me that M-Net was holding auditions for a presenting job the next day, and the rest as they say is history.

I do feel my acting background helped me secure the job as presenting is in a way performing. So I&#39m grateful I was able to use those skills to help me.

OB: Which do you prefer, acting or being a TV presenter and do you see yourself going back to acting?  

MDO: I like them both, they are completely different and I can&#39t compare them, although acting is my first love. As for going back to acting, I never stopped. Great acting jobs aren&#39t easy to come by and I hope to get one soon.

OB: How do you find time for that special person in your life since your job demands for you to travel a lot?

MDO: If there is a special person in your life you will make time. It&#39s as simple as that really.

OB: What&#39s the best part of your job?

MDO: I say it all the time, meeting new people and in this line of work, I get to meet a lot people from all works of life and different backgrounds. I love it.

OB: Who do you look up to or aspire to be like?

MDO: I look up to my mum. She has achieved so much and never gives up, she really is amazing and I hope I am able to achieve the same success she has, if not more. I wouldn&#39t mind being the next Oprah Winfrey though!

OB:Are you involved in any charity, governmental/non-governmental organisations? How are you using your role to affect the society?

MDO: I am working on running a charity to help the youths but work has kept me away but hopefully things will be in place soon.

OB:What’s your style and what influences it?

MDO: I would say it&#39s flirty and chic. I like simple pieces: an outfit that is too busy doesn&#39t suit me well.

OB:Any advice for young hopefuls looking to get into acting or presenting?

MDO: Well, I would say if it&#39s your passion then you have to keep at it despite the knock backs, because that is the only thing that&#39ll drive you. You will get rejected but don’t take it personally, if you are able to get some training, then that can help improve your talent or watching other presenters and actors on TV can teach you a thing or two in the field.

University of Bristol, United Kingdom.
Trained at Academy Of Live And Recorded Arts (ALRA), United Kingdom.
First recipient of the Dorothy L. Sayers Award – 2006

Ìyá-Ilé (The First Wife) played Mrs Okomile
In Time played Deborah
Walking Waterfall played Akos  
God is a DJ played Monita/Duck
Vexed played Tina
Barclays Bank played Lynette

Catch Dolapo on M-Net Studio 53 Extra every Thursday at 20.00E and 21:30W on DSTV Channel 102

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