Argentina Declares 3-Day Mourning As More Diego Maradona Tribute Pour In

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The world of Football experienced a great loss on Wednesday November 25 over the sad passing of former Barcelona, Napoli and Argentine legend, Diego Armando Maradona.

According to local reports, the 60-year-old died after suffering a heart attack in his native Argentina. Immediately after the news broke, thousands across the world began paying tributes to the football icon including Argentina President Alberto Fernandez, who announced three days of national mourning.

Maradona’s family while paying theirs, however revealed the final words before his death. According to them, the great footballer’s last words before he died were: “I don’t feel well.”

Johnny Esposito, Maradona’s nephew complained he didn’t feel well after having breakfast on Wednesday and said he was going to lie down again. Johnny described how Maradona had awoken in the morning looking pale and complaining of feeling cold.

He went back to bed after a quick breakfast where he is said to have pronounced his last words: ‘Me siento mal’ – English for ‘I don’t feel well.’ When he lied down, he developed a heart attack.

A nurse who was looking after Maradona following his release from hospital this month after his brain scan operation phoned for an ambulance and several responded. Emergency respondents made an attempt to revive him after they arrived at the rented house in the gated residential estate of San Andres north of Buenos Aires.

But it was already too late as he had already passed away. State prosecutors who also launched a routine inquiry into Maradona’s death just to be sure he died of natural causes, have announced that “everything is pointing to natural causes.”

In an interview 15 years ago, he revealed what he wanted engraved on his tombstone. The football coach in the interview said “getting old with his grandchildren would mean a peaceful death” for him.

Asked by the interviewer what he would write on his grave, Maradona responded: “Thanks for having played football because it’s the sport that gave me most happiness and freedom and it’s like having touched the sky with my hand. Thanks to the ball. Yes, I would put on the tombstone, ‘Thanks to the ball.”

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