ARISE Fashion Week 2018 Day 3: Maxivive

ARISE Fashion Week 2018 Maxivive OnoBello--1383

The runway shows of the highly anticipated ARISE Fashion Week kicked off on 31st March 2018 at Lagos Continental Hotel (formerly Intercontinental Hotel) with stunning collections from various designers across Africa.

Maxivive showcased a punk collection on Day 3 of ARISE. Papa Oyeyemi has been shaking up the West African fashion system for quite some time now. He scrapped the Western notion of seasons four years ago, renaming his Spring 2013 collection Harmattan 2013, after the dry season on the West African subcontinent that occurs between November and March. Lagos fashion insiders scoffed at the idea at first, but eventually many followed suit. Even though his label Maxvive has a reputation for polarizing the Nigerian fashion community, pushing an idea of minimalism and androgyny that turns traditional menswear tropes upside down and inside out, he has gained international recognition for this same reason.

See below:

ARISE Fashion Week 2018 Maxivive OnoBello--1403


ARISE Fashion Week 2018 Maxivive OnoBello--1433


ARISE Fashion Week 2018 Maxivive OnoBello--1458


ARISE Fashion Week 2018 Maxivive OnoBello--1473


Photo Credit: Reze Bonna

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