Artful & Fun! East African Brand ChiChia London Delights With The ‘Hadithi Hadithi’ SS’15 Collection


Hadithi Hadithi, which literally means ‘Story Story’ in Swahili serves as the primary inspiration for this collection. For Spring/Summer 2015, the London-based designer Christine Mhando looks back at one of her favourite pass times as a child…story time!

The unique prints have been specially designed and selected to evoke a sense of nostalgic fun in the clothing. Inspiration is drawn from colourful ‘Tingatinga’ paintings from Tanzania and the sayings found on traditional ‘Khanga’ fabric, this collection focuses on injecting that much needed sense of humour to your summer wardrobe.

The brand’s signature from the artful application of the ‘Khanga’, a traditional East African cotton fabric used by local women as wraps. Each Khanga is unique and often has a Swahili message on, in the form of riddles or proverbs allowing the wearer to express themselves and adding another subtle layer of meaning.

Check out all the photos of the arty and fun collection below.
2-Artful 3-Artful 4-Artful 5-Artful 6-Artful 7-Artful 8-Artful 9-Artful 10-Artful 11-Artful 12-Artful 13-Artful

14-Artful 15-Artful
16-Artful 17-Artful


Shoot Credits

Model: Mulan

Photography: Danny Baldwin (Instagram: @Danny_Baldwin)

Creative Styling: Arieta Mujay & Christine Mhando (Instagram: @ChiChiaGram)

Make Up: Fiorenza Ferrera

Hair: Christopher Pyne

Assistant: Yemzie Akingbade

Print Design & Graphics: Oliver Goddard


For more information, pleas contact via email: | Website: | Instagram: @ChiChiaGram







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