We Dare You: Check Out 7 Ways To Challenge Your Beauty Look This Season

To combat feelings of boring beauty looks, we&#39re taking a pledge to get down and dirty (and also have some fun) experimenting with something that could always use some freshening up: our beauty routines. Whether experimenting for you means working to find your new signature scent or trying out some nutty runway-ready colors for lips and eyes, there&#39s something out there for you to fiddle with, beautifully. See the 10 things we&#39re itching to try:

Wear Dark Lipstick Like A Pro


Once and for all you will conquer this deep, perfect shade for a number of occasions and events.

Experiment With Colored Eyeliner

OnoBello OnoBello

It is time to give the expected cat eye a little modern flare.

Avoid The Nail Art Trap

OnoBello OnoBello

We don&#39t know about you, but we&#39re ok with nail art mostly dying down. Keep up interest with a neat color, though.

Find Your Fragrance

OnoBello OnoBello

You don’t have to keep changing your signature scent as many times as new smells come out, find a particular smell and stick to it.

Try A Colored Mascara

OnoBello OnoBello

We&#39re thinking less middle school blue, more uber-luxe sparkly gold.

Have Some Fun With Your Hair Color, Temporarily

OnoBello OnoBello

Pastel on the outs? Whatever, you can have some fun with this temporary spray.

Wear A Weird Color Lippy

OnoBello OnoBello

You have to be pretty gutsy to go green, but blue is a pretty trending colour these days.

Source: thefashionspot.com

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