Beauty Rules Are Made To Be Broken- Be Free And Express Yourself!

You know what they say—rules were made to be broken. This is especially true when it comes to the world of beauty. As every beauty and makeup enthusiast knows, makeup is about self-expression and creativity, and just because a particular technique is popular doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do something. Here are our favorite beauty rules to break.

Rule #1: Trace Around Your Lipstick With Matching Liner To Add Definition And Help The Color Stay Put

This may have been the purpose for which lip liner was intended/invented (and the reason it’s called “liner,” after all), but nobody really uses it this way anymore. The reason? You risk ending up with an unattractive darker outline around your lips once your lipstick wears off. The new rule: Color your lips entirely with the liner first, then layer lipstick on top for super-staying power. To make your lips look fuller or more defined, you can extend the liner ever-so-slightly outside the boundaries of your mouth.

Rule #2: File Your Nails Only In One Direction Or You’ll Weaken Them

Your nails grow and get their health from the base, not from the edge that extends beyond your fingertip and gets filed. If you sit there and really saw away at your tips with a rough file, you could create enough friction to impact your nails’ health—but generally speaking, as long as you don’t saw away too crazily, filing back and forth won’t weaken your nails.

Rule #3: Dark Roots On Dyed Hair Look Tacky—Don’t Let Yours Show!


It figures that now that there are jillions of excellent products designed to help you cover up those telltale roots, having visible roots is actually one of the biggest hair trends. The concept is called “ombre” hair, and it basically looks like you’ve waited a month or two too long between highlight appointments—the roots are dark but the hair gets lighter and lighter toward the ends.

Rule #4: You Have To Match Your Manicure And Pedicure

How boring would life be if everything matched? Doing this is simply too matchy-matchy! Don’t worry about matching your hands to your toes anymore, these days it’s all about mix-matched hues and complementary shades. If you’re rocking a gold polish on your hand you can try a silver or other metallic on your toes.

Rule #5: Focus on Eyes Or Lips—Not Both

The traditional advice is that you should always pair a smoky eye with a nude lip, and pair a statement-making lipstick with understated eye makeup. But there’s no reason you can’t have both. Frankly, to focus only on one feature tends to make the rest of the face look a little unfinished. There’s nothing wrong with dramatic dark eyeliner and look-at-me-red lips inhabiting the same face during a night out on the town.

Credit: Beautylish


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