Beauty Tips: Contouring and Highlighting For Dark Skin

It seems it has become quite necessary to focus more on the issue of contouring for dark skin as more and more ladies are stepping out with what looks to be “uncertain” ways of contouring or highlighting the dark skin.

One of the essential techniques to learn for any makeup application is contouring—and although it seems intimidating at first, it’s actually fairly easy to master. When you contour, the underlying idea is the same, no matter what skin tone you’re working with. Contouring is all about playing up your natural features. Practicing and playing around to discover what works on your particular face is recommended to perfect contouring.

There are two main techniques in contouring: lowlighting and highlighting. Lowlighting refers to using a darker color wherever there’s an area of the face or feature you want to recede or de-emphasize. Highlighting is the opposite: using lighter colors on areas you want to emphasize or bring forward.

Here’s how to perform basic contouring and highlighting on the cheeks, eyes, and nose.


If you’re a beginner, try out the technique on the cheeks first—it’s really simple. Do a clean base, then using a medium angle brush you can apply a matte shade or eye shadow on the hollow of your cheeks or right underneath the cheekbone. That’s the lowlight, and every time you do a lowlight, you want to balance with a highlight; you can use a bronzing powder along the cheekbones to bring them forward.


Here, you can do a light contouring on the nose, using the same lowlight and highlight shades you used on the cheeks. Starting at the inner corner of the brow, you brush a small amount of the lowlight shadow along both sides of the nose. Then you applied the highlight down the bridge of the nose. To finish, blend the two together with a clean brush.


Contouring and highlighting the eyes can really make them pop. For this look, use a good eyeshadow and pressed powder as the lowlight, applying it into the crease and blending well. Then, counter that with a highlight brushed right along the brow bone. For darker skin, it is suggested to choose a highlight shade that has yellow or orange in it because if you pick a product with too much or a cool undertone it can look ashy.

Finishing Touches

To complete the look, add cream highlighter to the higher plans of the face—the cheekbones, brow ridge, and down the bridge of nose, add a little colour for your lips to pop and you are done!

Before & After

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