Beauty Tips: How To Clean Your Make Up Brush

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We all know it’s important to keep our makeup brushes clean. What most of us however, do not know is the proper way to go about it without ruining the brushes and having to go into the makeup store every other day looking for new brushes. Below are a few tips on how to clean your make-up brush properly.

To combat bacteria buildup, give your brushes a little shower with a brush cleaner spray.  To use, just spritz an anti-bacterial spray directly on the bristles, then swipe the brush across a tissue to dry.

Once a week, you should indulge your brushes in a bath to eliminate any dirt or bacteria that’s harder to spot. You can use your everyday hair shampoo or invest in a brush shampoo. A good brush conditioning shampoo not only washes away debris, but it also conditions the bristles for soft, longer-lasting brushes.

How to Do the Deep Clean/bath
Step 1: Rinse bristles under warm water.
Step 2: Fill a bowl with water, adding a dollop of shampoo to the water. Now swirl the brush tips in the water.
Step 3: Swirl the brush in your palm, working up a lather. This friction will help get any hard-to-reach dirt.
Step 4: Rinse the brush tip under running water until all of the shampoo is cleaned off.
Step 5: Towel dry brushes with a cloth.
Step 6: Lay brushes on a cloth to dry. Don’t dry brushes standing upright, since this will cause moisture to seep into the glue that holds the bristles and can lead the hairs to fall out. Because brushes will take at least a few hours to dry, make sure you apply your makeup before cleaning.

Easy, right?

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