Beauty Tips: Want, Need A Clear Skin? 5 Beauty Rules You Must Follow Religiously

A flawless face is something we all search for. To achieve that, here are some of the basic rules to follow. Some seem simple, such as not going to bed with makeup on, but constant practice of these rules is all that is needed for a clear skin.

Cleanse upward
When cleansing the face or applying serums and lotions, always massage it into the skin in an upward, circular motion; this allows active ingredients to quickly penetrate the skin’s surface and remove trapped oils, dirt, and bacteria.

Apply makeup in a downward motion
When it comes to makeup however, it is recommended to apply in a downward motion, so the makeup sits on top of the skin and won’t be lodged in the pores.

Take the day off
It’s obvious, but essential: Never hit the sack without taking makeup off first. Cleansing wipes are a quick and easy way to remove makeup and dirt when you don’t have time (or energy) for your entire beauty routine.

Exfoliation is key
As the temperature starts to rise, skin tends to be oilier. Exfoliating the skin helps to buff away the dead skin cells that build up on the skin’s surface, which can clog pores and cause blackheads and blemishes. Exfoliating the skin leaves it fresh and radiant.

Give skin a break
Once a week, spend a full 24 hours without makeup. For those with sensitive or acne prone skin, this provides a rest from fragrances, allergens, preservatives, and oils.




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