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We are lucky in Nigeria that the weather is warm almost all year round and this calls for more time outdoors. However, with the heat comes a few makeup setbacks especially around the eye area which instantly makes you look older than you actually are. Tackle the areas around the eyes and prevent makeup mishaps, the heat can’t stop you from looking beautiful all day long.

Avoid Mascara Meltdown

Sick and tired of dealing with mascara marks under your eyes even when you use a smudge-proof mascara? Then the problem might not be the product. If your undereye area is naturally oily or you are probably using an eye cream that contains oil, it can dissolve your mascara as you blink, causing it to smear.


Don’t: Running Mascara        Use a smudge-proof BM PRO mascara

        Do: Picture perfect eyes using BM PRO smudge-proof mascara

To keep mascara in one place, dip a large brush in loose powder and dust it over your eye area to absorb excess oil.

Also you might want to try an eye gel rather than an eye cream during the day to help curb any excess oil from forming. These are just some of the best brands out there:  Boots No7 Reviving Eye Gel, Clarins Eye Contour Gel, Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel.

Banish Dark Circles

Tell-tale dark circles under the eyes can make people appear older than they are. Surprising enough, circles aren&#39t necessarily caused by lack of sleep or illness. If you are a regular sleeping beauty, but you still have dark circles under your eyes, then the bluish tone probably has nothing to do with fatigue. It could be caused by blood vessels showing through thin skin.


Dark Circles             Black Opal Concealer            Fresh faced Ini Edo

To make this problem less noticeable, use an eye cream containing retinol or vitamin C, which stimulates collagen which actually thickens the skin.


Boots No7 Reviving Eye Gel        Clarins Eye Contour Gel        Kiehl&#39s Midnight Recovery Eye

I recommend NaturaBissé Diamond Ice-Lift DNA Cryo-Mask, Vichy Reti-C Eyes Intensive Corrective Care,Kiehl&#39s Midnight Recovery Eye.These eye creams take only about two-three weeks to work. In meantime, you could use this trick- apply a yellow-based concealer (it counteracts the blue) along the inner base of the circle only, Try: Bobbi Brown Concealer in Chestnut, or Black Opal Fade And Conceal.


Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel     NaturaBissé Cryo-Mask    Vichy Reti-C Intensive Corrective Care

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