Beauty Vlogger Lola OJ Shares Her Fresh Skincare Routine! Watch On OBTV

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Skincare is so vital and I am very glad that its importance is growing! I love make up, beauty but to be honest I do not wear make up everyday so it is quite key that I try and keep my skin as healthy as possible.
Many have asked, so here it is, my updated skincare, this is what works for me and I hope it helps you in one way or another. I also drink a ton of water, I stay away from refined sugar, clean my make up tools regularly and sleep on clean pillow cases (trust this makes a difference!).

Product details: Coco Honey Black Soap…

Clinique Toner “Clarifying lotion 3″… Coco

Hydrating Face cream… Lancome juicy shaker

“Vanilla Pop” Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater…

Song – Que peller “Water”

Hair by @GoodHairLtd

Jumper from @MisKayBoutique

Prescription glasses from SpecSavers



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