Smell Floral, Fruity, Flirty: A Night Out In The Right Fragrance

The weather has been uncontrollably hot and the heat has already turned most people away from makeup but we can’t afford to have it turn us off perfumes because of strong smells, all we have to do is search for the right scent.

Strong smells have a way of irritating the nose and not everyone can stand for it. But everyone loves fruits, everyone loves flowers. So as you step out for a night out with your girls or with your beau, why not go for a dash of one of these signature perfumes?

Creed Spring Flower
This smell is hopeful, romantic, feminine and charming with a hint of gentle peach, a touch of sweet melon, a dab of pink apple with star roses and fine jasmine.

Escada Taj Sunset
A tropical scent with an undertone of mango and blood orange, this smell would have people sniffing you.

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!
A sheer fruity floral, Oh Lola! Sunshine edition is a lighter, fresher interpretation of the original. The fragrance opens with a sheer top of effervescent raspberry that blossoms into a pink heart of lush peonies and dries into sensual vanilla.

Creed White Flowers
Its Parma violets, jasmine from Italy and Morocco, sandalwood from India and narcissus ingredients that make up the serene and sought after White Flowers fragrance.

Cheap And Chic Moschino’s I Love Love
I Love Love is a very optimistic scent, bursting with love, sun and bright colors. Fresh and sparkly, yet balmy bouquet opens with notes of citruses and red fruits.


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