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Hello fashion lovers,
It’s the end of a long week and one of the best ways that we have found to relax is to shop. Yes! But you don’t always have to break bank and today we are doing a feature on Nigerian and African fashion accessories designers so that you have an idea of who to look into when you go accessories shopping.


Shoes – Dehadza

OnoBello OnoBello

OnoBello OnoBello

Dehadza fashion store is one of the Nigerian brands that you can rely on for African print shoes and matching purses too. They stock different items but focus on African prints and were really into the Ankara phase when it was a rampant trend. You can check them out on Facebook or go to their store in Surulere, Lagos!

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Bags – Design For Love

“Bag -Ebi” Multi Ankara Purse Acrylic Box Clutch
Ankara and Suede Wooden Clutch Tea-Leather and Ankara Envelope Clutch
The Bisola Clutch

Even though Design For Love is an emerging Nigerian brand, they are already masters of their game and were even at the recently held LFDW to showcase some of their creative pieces. They are definitely a go to brand in terms of bags.

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Accessories – Ituen Basi


We all love and know Ituen Basi, and our love for her runs deep into her African print accessories that are full of energy. She has quite a number of statement pieces that she has showcased on the runway and they are absolutely gorgeous.

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Caps – Babatunde

Bafing Cap from Babatunde Beira Bow Tie
Gaza Pith Helmet Inhambane Bow Tie
Lacs Cap from Babatunde Lagunes Pith Helmet from Babatunde Clothing
Niassa Ipad Sleeve

We don’t want to leave the guys out! Babatune has amazing sizzling African wax print caps that are a plus to casual outfits. He goes beyond that to also Africanize umbrellas and other miscellaneous items. It’s definitely a must have for us; you should check that out too as you plan to unwind this weekend!

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