Beyoncé, Lemonade, Idolatry & The Other Woman! Watch Toyosi Phillip Give Her Take On Her Vlog ‘As Toyo Sees’


So how are you guys dealing with Beyoncé’s surprise album ‘Lemonade’, the tea she spilled and all the drama that ensued thanks to the Beyhive?

We’re sure lots of people have their own opinion on what went down. Also, we have no doubts that there’ll be cover versions of her songs in no time. Meanwhile, Toyosi Phillips is giving her own opinion on Lemonade and the treatment of the other women by the hive in the latest episode of her vlog ‘As Toyo Sees’.

In her words, “So Lemonade is undoubtedly Beyonce’s strongest work (in my opinion). She finally lent her voice to social injustice (giving mothers who have had to bury their sons a platform to air their grievances. She however also aired HER grievances which was the trigger that set the beyhive off (not like they really need any solid reason to be set off but…)”

Watch all she has to say below!




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