“It’s Goldie Or Nothing”, Big Brother Africa StarGame Runner Up, Prezzo Declares! Are His Love Moves Real?

Big Brother Africa (BBA) StarGame runner up Prezzo (real name Jackson Makini) was in Lagos, Nigeria on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.


Jackson Makini&#39s mission was not to promote his album nor was the Kenyan born artist in Lagos for a music show. He surprisingly flew into Nigeria (the previous night) to win back the love of Goldie the Nigerian music star and fellow Big Brother Star Game housemate. A move not a few commentators say is brimming with loads of suspicion.


As you already know, Prezzo and Goldie sparked a love interest while in the BBA house, however Goldie&#39s eviction shockingly revealed the other side of Prezzo who allegedly “betrayed” her and lead to his clinching of the second position while South Africa&#39s Kaegan Petersen won the ultimate money prize.


According to Prezzo, he is also in Nigeria to make up with fans on account of his behaviour while in the house.


OnoBello.com was at the Wednesday press conference Prezzo called to woe Goldie&#39s love back. The interesting event was held at The Place, Isaac John, Ikeja GRA, Lagos. Here’s what Prezzo had to say.


OB: Since Goldie was evicted from the BBA StarGame house, have u been able to speak with her?

P: I haven&#39t, that&#39s one of the reasons I&#39m in Nigeria.


OB: Did you ever have any genuine interest in Goldie?

P: Of course I did. When I left Kenya, I left with the mission of winning the USD 300,000, but along the line I started having feelings for Goldie and I just couldn&#39t help it.  


OB: What is the difference between the Prezzo in the BBA house, and the Prezzo now?

P: The Prezzo you saw in the house was the Paranoid Prezzo. That&#39s really not the kind of person I am, but I guess boredom did that to me.


OB: How is the mother of your child taking the whole BBA and relationship with Goldie?

P: Well, it’s none of her business, because we&#39ve been separated for over 2years now. She&#39s not interested at all.


OB: What attracted you to Goldie?

P: When you fall for someone, you just can&#39t help it, if its meant to happen.


OB: What&#39s the first thing you&#39ll say to her if you see her now?

P: A journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step. If she&#39ll pick my calls first and give me audience, the Massaid Warrior would explain himself.


OB: While you were in the BBA house, Goldie and yourself were always arguing most times, why?

P: The arguments started after the first month and I blame it on paranoia.


OB: Where is the relationship with Goldie headed?

P: If she listens to me, I won&#39t mind getting married to her.I have not been able to stop thinking about her since last I saw her.


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