Black Beauty! She’s Catching Attention with Her #BussitChallenge & Gorgeous Dark Skin

Bussitchallenge Deza-2

If you’re just now getting to know about the trending “Buss It” challenge, then you must have not been on social media for a while now, especially TickTock. The first dance challenge of 2021 to take over the social media platform is based on up-and-coming Texas rapper Erica Banks’ single of the same name and it requires dancers to appear torn down in their no make-up/sweats look before dropping it low and twerking in full outfit and makeup.

Well, we have seen so many of these videos, however, this Model & Skincare CEO Deza who goes by @iamdezaffiliate on Instagram is catching attention not only with her #BussitChallenge video but with her gorgeous dark skin.

Oh la la, we love her skin so much… Black is beautiful.

Watch the video below.


Bussitchallenge Deza-3


Bussitchallenge Deza-4


Bussitchallenge Deza


Credit: Instagram/iamdezaffiliate

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