Bonang Matheba Is ‘Back At Work’ As She Debuts Stunning New Photos

Bonang Matheba OnoBello (1)

It looks like the days of staying home feeling bored are over for Bonang Matheba as the South African media personality just revealed on social media that she was back at work.

Taking to Instagram, the House of BNG founder could not be happier expressing her joy with a photoshoot of herself with the caption, “back at work”. Although she did not say what the pictures were for, she responded to a fan on Twitter that her return wasn’t for radio.

According to IOL, the former “Top Billing” presenter appeared on “Afternoon Express” last month where she spoke about how the lockdown and Covid-19 have impacted the plans she had this year. During the first segment, Matheba revealed that she had planned to drop a new TV show along with the launch of the House of BNG Prestige Brut which she debuted at the Sun Met.

“I had a new TV show that was going to launch in May and I also had my Prestige Brut that was going to be launched as well in a couple of weeks time but all of that had to be you know, kind of cancelled,” she said at the time.

Bonang’s last television stint was season 3 of her reality show, “Being Bonang”.  In October last year, just before the season finale, she tweeted that filming season 3 of the hit reality show was the “worst working experience.”

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