Bring It On! Yvonne Vixen Is Ready To Out Certain ‘Weak Imbeciles’


Yvonne Vixen Ekwere has had it with certain characters and has taken to Instagram to let this be known.

The TV personality left a warning on her page and vowed to out some “weak imbeciles”.

Read below:

“My eyes are on you, PUNK b@/&%#@ who in private, talk to me a certain way but act differently on social media … don’t you have any respect? Oh! I forgot, many of you don’t like yourselves enough to RESPECT yourselves.
I find fulfilment in supporting and celebrating others whom I admire or call “friend” Never have I found it attractive or wise to spew hate (the world is going through enough of that already). Why do you feel the need to jump from one person/clique to another seeking relevance? If you are truly worth your salt, you wouldnt need validation from NONE of them! TALENT is TALENT wether they “LIKE” you or Not. (If you are not sure of yourself, i offer private coaching sessions for free, nobody will find out you came to me 😉) I never have to address your stupidity but it’s about time I start “OUT’ing” some of you WEAK imbeciles. I’m appalled by this behaviour… I do not support sobbing or bashing of any kind, it’s either we appreciate and encourage one another or get out of my face, I’m too old for that nonsense. I sympathise with you, your case(s) is as sorry as your desperate attempt to be “IT”.
Honey! been there, done that! If you don’t have IT, you don’t have IT!
I’ll be praying for you 😘

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