British Actress, Lashana Lynch Confirmed As First Black and Female 007


31-year-old British actress, Lashana Lynch  is making history, after she was confirmed as the next 007 spy main actor, coming up as the first black and female person to hold the “James Bond” title.

According to the report, the upcoming, yet-to-be-titled 25th Bond film will reveal Lynch as the new 007 with Craig’s character coming out of retirement for one last mission.

Bond 25 is flipping the script on the franchise, Something few people back in the day would’ve thought to be a reality is that 007, the world’s most famous womaniser, would eventually be a woman.

The British star riding off her success as a major character in Marvel’s Captain Marvel film after she played Maria Rambeau. Rambeau was Captain Marvel’s best friend and stood as a confident yet fun-loving pilot.

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