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There is no need to buy a make up brush set if you do not intend to pick up a career in make up; half of it will probably be a waste of money. So the best advice is, think of the make up you use best and those you use for special occasions. Decide which product is a major necessity for you on a daily basis and on rare occasions, then you can identify which brush works well with them. Here is a key point, before buying brushes find out what fiber are they made of. Are they natural or Synthetic? Enquire if they are washable and be of great multi purpose use. Try out the brushes and see which is more users friendly for you, if the handle is comfortable for you to work with. The shapes are also something vital not to be left out, be it round, squared or angled.

Natural And Synthetic Fibre

To be a pro at how you do your own make up you need to know your tools and to have the best make up you must know the best tools for it. Natural fibers are good because their bristles last longer than the synthetics, but synthetic can also do the magic and are relatively more affordable and also great for applying liquid based products. Natural fibers varies, the bristles are made of goat hair, squirrel, pony, sable and others. These are the best for dry product however, like powder and blushes they hold larger amount of product and won’t get into the brush.

Foundation Brush

The foundation brush varies to meet your need, they come in round, squared or angled shaped. Pointed brushes are used to get all the places such as areas around the nose and inner corner of the eyes. It’s also noted that if you are one who is into sponges then you simply have no need for a foundation brush.

Concealer Brush

For spots and blemish areas this little brush comes in handy. It is used to blend in the product and what’s a perfect make up without hiding the blemishes. So consider this a great blending tool

Powder Brush

For an even and great amount of powder distribution the powder brush offers a great deal and guidance and also prevent l;eaving powder dust all over your face.

Kabuki Brush

A Kabuki Brush also offers the same with the powder brush and you can use it if you find it more comfortable. Its only short in length than the powder brush. For an air brushed look, this brush does the magic.

The Angle Blush Brush

Angle blush brush will not only enhance your cheek color but also helps contour your face, has multipurpose use and that kind of tools are great frop saving money.

Mascara Wand

This serves for various use. You can apply mascara with it, soften the eyebrow pencil and brush your eyebrows for a more defined look. Also to brush your mascara coated lashes to separate and define them.

Fan Brush

Now, this comes highly recommended for multipurpose use. When products such as eye shadows crumbles and spots under your eyes, this comes has a rescue. One stroke and they vanish into thin air cause of its light feathery feel and it easy to use. It can as well be used to apply bronzers/ blush. Also helps erase harsh lines of make up, blending all together. See why it’s considered the life saver of make ups.

Lip Brush

This helps to apply lipstick according to your lip line without it bleeding out or not falling into line. It also gives your lipstick a much longer duration more than applying the product directly.

Also when it comes to your eye shadows brushes they are lots to pick from. Its your job to find one that best for you and create a perfect translation of color to your eyes.

There are 4 main brushes you should have for your eye makeup…..

The Flat Stiff eye shadow Brush

It’s designed to help you apply color on the lid. It’s stiff for holding more product and flat to let u pat it right on to the lid

The Dome Brush

For the most perfect vampy Smokey eyes the dome brush has a high reputation. Its great for blending and applying more color and its stiff but soft.

The Soft Dome Brush

This brush is just like the stiff dome brush but much softer- it creates a much softer blended look.   It is used for blending shadow under the brow, applying a softer amount of color in the crease, and even for applying powder under the eyes to prevent that creasing throughout the day

The Crease/Pencil Brush

This is used to create a defined lash line and smudge eyeliner or eye shadow at the crease or lash line. The smaller tip allows for more precise lines.

So there they are, now you know what needs to be in that little makeup bag of yours and if you are one so keen on perfection they why not take full advantage of them all, the more the merrier.

Also without the expert telling you so, you need to keep in mind that all brushes should be washed after use and there are special shampoo product for that purpose.

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