Buki Akib

 Buki Akib is a Nigerian born knitwear designer who graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London.


Buki Akib combines traditional methods with African fabrics such as the colourful wax prints and traditional Yoruba hand woven Aso Oke to create unconventional and luxurious fabrics.


Buki Akib draws inspiration from her childhood in Nigeria. Her famous ‘Fela’ collection is “Quintessentially Nigeria” which constitutes of beautiful bright shiny colours, heavy texture and outlandish silhouette which represents true Africanism. The label is a nostalgic journey the country Nigeria has experienced along the years through art, music and culture. From the classic fixtures of colonial houses engaging with the hustle of Lagos city life, to the vibrant juxtapose markets scattered on the top of each other. There is no other way to capture the essence of Lagos but through her designs. “Growing up in the city was an introduction to fashion itself”.

Buki Akib was an assistant stylist to Giannie Couji for fashion Magazines including I-D, Above and Zoo, during her study at Central Saint Martins she was selected to show her  ‘Fela’ collection at the L’Oreal press show in London.

The label was born to be an embodiment of a “story teller”. Buki Akib is currently designing a bag line.


For more information, contact:
Mobile: +44(0) 794 023 4454
Email: info@bukiakib.com
Website: www.bukiakib.com


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