Burna Boy Goes Above And Beyond Expectations At The O2 Academy, Brixton

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-48

It’s safe to say popular singer, Burna Boy has dominated the Afrobeats scene both at home and globally. From the release of his Outside album early this year to the chart-topping success of ’Ye’, his collaboration with Major Lazer, and launching a limited-edition cereal, the Afrofusion star has shown no signs of slowing down. Last night, October 7th, Burna Boy outdid himself yet again with a sold-out concert at the O2 Arena, Brixton.

The show kicked off with insane energy, from the point where the intro clip started playing to Burna Boy driving unto the stage in his getaway car. From beginning to end, Burna matched the crowd’s energy, and delivered several of his hits back to back, with performances by Kida kudz, Nissi, Rebecca Garton, Not3s, and Four of Diamonds in between sets. One of the show’s most defining moments was when the instruments went off and Burna performed excitedly to the crowd singing ’Ye’ acapella.

The connection between Burna and the audience was truly unparalleled. Another plus was an incredible organization.  From keeping to time and event flow to crowd control, the entire night was a hit.

The Life on the Outside UK tour is taking Burna Boy to 7 cities in the UK. Having already blown the minds of his fans at three venues, one can only anticipate what he has planned for the other legs of the tour.

Bruna Boy OnoBello”- Bruna Boy OnoBello”-00

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-00-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-01

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-02

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-3

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-4

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-5

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-6

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-7

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-8

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-9

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-10

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-2-11

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-03

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-03-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-3

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-3-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-04

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-05

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-6

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-07

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-08

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-09

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-9

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-10

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-10-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-11

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-12

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-14

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-16

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-17

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-19

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-20

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-21

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-22

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-22-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-23

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-24

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-24-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-25

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-26

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-27

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-28

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-30

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-31

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-32

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-33

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-35

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-39

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-46

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-48

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-49

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-51

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-52

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-52-2

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-58

Bruna Boy OnoBello”-59


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