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Why Women Cheat? Toke Makinwa Gives Us Some Reasons On This Week’s “Toke Moments”

  It might not be a very popular culture, but the truth is that even women cheat. So, on this episode of Toke Moments, Toke Makinwa talks about the reasons women cheat on their partners. Watch the very interesting vlog below and let us know if you agree with her!     Photo credit:Instagram/tokemakinwa  …

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Discovery With Glory Edozien: Tips For Transitioning Into An Entrepreneur

In this episode of Discovery, Glory Edozien is giving us tips for transitioning into an entrepreneur. Glory writes, “It’s strange but 5 years ago, I never saw myself as an entrepreneur. In fact I still don’t see myself as one. It’s really about having the opportunity to create my future and entrepreneurship seems to be…

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Fitfam, Watch Sisi Yemmie Teach Us How To Prepare “Lepa-Friendly” Unripe Plantain Porridge

  How yummy does this look! Our stomachs just rumbled! So, blogger Sisi Yemmie is teaching us how to prepare a ‘lepa-friendly’, unripe plantain porridge.  Well, hello #fitfam. She also made a list of ingredients and a step-by-step guideline to preparing the healthy meal. Ingredients: Unripe Plantain Vegetable of your choice (lately I use Uziza…

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