Celebrity Endorsement As A Useful PR Tactic

A tactic can be said to be a plan or procedure comprising of tools, which lay out how desired objectives are to be promoted and achieved. Celebrity endorsement is when an organisation makes use of a celebrity to support their products and services.


However, nowadays, celebrity endorsements can be seen as useful tactics used by politicians to endorse their political campaigns.

In recent years, it is increasinglybecoming a popular PR tactic employed by some organisations when promoting their communication objectives and or goals totarget audiences or the general public.

According to Ralph Tench and Liz Yeomans, scholars in public relations, a celebrity is “a well recognised person who commands a high degree of public and media attention”.The belief surrounding this approach of using celebrities as endorsers can be attributed to thefact thattheir individual media attention would otherwise generate more publicity for an organisation. More so, as a result of their status, people will want to associate with the products or services promoted by celebrities because of some perceived feelings that they are authentic, reputable, trendy, or of high quality.Ultimately, these in turn has great potentials of provoking desired responses from recipients ranging from patronage, purchase or recognition and buying into visions/aspirations.

It is said that, using the right tactics has a great role to play in the effectiveness of any communication goal. Just like all other tactics, celebrity endorsements can go wrong sometimes. A high level of caution should be employed when selecting the most appropriate endorser(s), as misplaced choices can be less effective, and clash with an organisation’s goal.

That is why it advisable to go for celebrities thatare passionate andtrue representatives ofthe goals an organisation is promoting. Bear in mind that, just as all fingers are not equal, same goes for the image and reputation of individual celebrities and how they differ in the minds of the public.

The best bargain will be the selection of a credible personality indeed, as there has been emphasis that celebrity endorsements are more effective when the celebrity choice is credible. This is because the more credible the celebrity, the better the publicityfor theorganisational objectives.

I couldn’t agree more on the effectiveness of this trend as a useful PR tactic which I encourage more organisations to consider when deciding their communication tactics for increased publicity of their business objectives.


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Uchechi C. Abakporo


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