Celebrity Fashion Stylist Jane Michael Highlights The 3Ws Of Dressing For A Movie Premiere


Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Fashion Entrepreneur, Jane Michael who was recently featured on CNN African voices gives tips on how to dress up for a movie premiere.

“To dress up for a movie premiere is quite simple and easy,” Jane says. “For every time you need to put yourself together, do not forget the 3Ws i.e. Who, What and Where,” she adds.

She explains that the first W stands for ‘who’ which implies that you find yourself, find your style and most importantly, find your comfort. The second W stands for ‘what’ which means that  you need to consider what occasion you are dressing for, the theme of the occasion as it helps you know the kind of outfit to go for and the last W stands for  ‘where’ as your location is another  factor to consider. She emphasizes that some locations and occasion may not be suitable for heavy outfits like jacket, leather or even flowy dresses. Knowing your location will help you pick comfortable outfits.

With these tips you should be good to go for the next movie premiere.

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