Celebrity Focus: Ms. Jaie: The Next To Blow!

You want to know what’s popping? Ask Ms. Jaie. Most artistes hit their break after the first album but not like Ms Jaie, with the release of her official singles and the smash hit “Ki Lo Popping” Ms Jaie is already on her way to superstardom.

Aside the talent is her beautiful physique and face that has graced the cover of Complete Fashion Magazine Christmas issue and even more recent is the cover of Beauty Overdose Magazine (B.O.M). No Doubt Ms. Jaie is a catch, so much so that Storm Records recognized all these attributes and decided to take her on as a signee under the label.

Ms Jaie Covers Beauty Overdose Magazine “I call my music afro pop it’s honestly a mixture of everything I&#39ve been exposed to growing up all blended together and mixed with a beat that makes you want to dance.”

She says. Sure enough, Ms. Jaie will make you dance, with seductive vocals, melodic chants and the some of the most captivating lyrics, that will spark even the most dormant of imaginations sets Ms.Jaie apart from her peers. If that does not get you off your sit, her calculated dance steps and synchronizing body movement sure will.

She balances the themes of love, Desire and ambition to deliver her well-told stories to captivate the mind, body and soul of the listener using uptempo beats that does not leave one sober but makes you jump to your feet while you relate with the experiences she unveils. Notwithstanding, you can always feel that Soul music flavor which she said is her root. Her music somehow ties the tradition of Pop, R&B, Soul together while placing her own exceptional stamp and personality on it.

So who exactly is Ms. Jaie? Born Janine Ayorinde Temitope Dada in London England to Nigerian parents; She quickly gained her nickname &#39Jaiye&#39 at the age of 6 months because her grandparent found it too difficult to pronounce her French- originating first name. Ms. Jaie grew up in a household where music was a major focus.

Traveling across the UK with her father’s talent agency, she was exposed to the highest quality of talent giving her an unquenchable thirst for music. Spending a lot of her time surrounded by adult music provided comfort and a way for young Ms. Jaie to document her experiences.

“I remember the first time I truly fell in love with music everyone was off working and I was alone at home, my auntie had just bought a new CD player and I was in awe.

I slipped in a CD and what came out through the speakers became the most amazing voices I had ever heard… I must have played the song by Destiny&#39s child a hundred times.”

She recalls. She left home at the age of 18 and moved to New York to pursue her music dreams. Her audition for P. Diddy’s Badboy Records opened up her songwriting skills. She was flown to Los Angeles and immediately began working on songs for other signed acts.

After a while, Ms. Jaie realized that her amazing writing abilities were beginning to overshadow her dreams to become a recording artist. She packed her bags with a newly recorded demo and returned to the UK to make her dreams something not only seen at night.

On getting the UK, She got signed to Unit 2 Records in April 2010. Her yearning to make music that interprets her root made her move to Lagos where she stumbled on the Storm 360 website. She contacted Tola Odunsi on Facebook and dropped him an email, Tola listened to her song and replied; “Pack your bags, your life’s about to change.”

Mr Tola, Ms Jaie and Flowsick

Presently working with her new team at Storm Records, Ms. Jaie is ready to put her timeless footprints on the sands of time. Her new single “Ki Lo Popping” is the perfect representation of that fusion of R&B, the Nigerian Pop and Hip Hop Soul. In her words, she is providing a voice for all of the strong yet sassy women hustling in heels across the world that are all unique yet united through the love of music. Ms. Jaie, in working together with her label Storm 360 to build her brand, has been announced as the face of “Christian Audigier” luxury brand. The sky is the limit for this sexy diva!

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