CEO Of Unshakable, Sally Chiwuzie Addresses The United Nations My Sister’s Health Watch (MSHW) Stakeholders Forum

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Sally Chiwuzie is the CEO of the growing brand #UNSHAKABLE – a global women’s empowerment group and author of Silent Symphonies, on the 14th of March delivered the keynote speech at the UN Headquarters in New York, during the United Nations My Sister’s Health Watch (MSHW) stakeholders forum entitled, “Leave No Woman’s Health Issues Behind”

Her speech read:  “Today, I am backing the voice of influential Nigerian women like Oluremi Tinubu and Dr Abiola Akinyode, who are actively voicing these issues because it needs to be highlighted that since 1999, there has been a fixed 0.01% allocation of overall budget for women. What can =N=4billion or $20.1million do for our women, girls and children? Sadly, not much…”

“We need to ensure also that the apportionment of this budget makes the best use of the resources at our disposal taking into consideration the 3 A’s of SDG3 – accessibility, availability and affordability. This means that it is time to call for a re-examination/ revisit of the country’s national budget to align with our changing times,” Chiwuzie said.



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“We need a call to action to promote healthy living lifestyles – exercising and good diet; self-actualisation and realisation. In agreeing with our guest of honour, Alhaja J Al-Hassan (aka Mama Taraba), the issue of women’s health is to some degree a human rights issue which needs to be addressed with urgency. Domestic violence – emotional, physical, mental abuse, gender based violence are an ‘absolutely not!’ Discrimination on the grounds of sex and societies ability to contain today’s woman in a box that gives her no hope, no voice or empowerment needs to be eliminated,”

“Your excellences’, distinguished guests, my name is Sally Chiwuzie and I am unshakable. This means that I understand that the ultimate accountability for my well being lies with me. Through the power of storytelling, I hope that we can take our metaphoric lit candle and tilt forward to light the next, in the understanding that it all begins with ‘self-love.’”



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