Change Your Style! 5 Steps In Achieving Your Chick Look


Striking a good pose has never been easy for some people while some others pose effortlessly and look extremely gorgeous.The trick is that it doesn’t take so much to strike a good pose, all you need is to know your body angle. Stand in the mirror and be flexible in your skin, play around and take playful shots. Also, the more you take pictures the more creative you become in posing comfortably.

Your camera position also determines the outcome of your pictures. So make sure your camera isn’t slanted or positioned inappropriately.

Also with good lighting, your portrait will come out looking flawless and hot!.

There are basic poses that also adds meaning to your portraits and makes you slay effortlessly.

  1. The on-looking pose: This pose has been around for a long time now and it is seen as the most effective. first of all, this pose is about pretending you dont know your picture is being taken. 95% of females who pose this way have the best pictures.


2. The squatting pose: This pose is solely about bending half way or fully in a stylish way. this pose is not hard and it is really dramatic and comes out making you look like a super star.

Rose May Alaba OnoBello

3.  The street pose: this pose is really flexible, just make sure your steps are calm and your posture is proper.


4. Happy smiles: Be flexible and smile deeply. Basically you have to look like you’re having fun.


5. looking at the floor: When you want to take a portrait of yourself, you will have to pose as though you want to pick something from the floor. this style is funny but then it comes out beautiful.37887815_227071101345147_5230757532116451328_n(1)


PHOTO CREDIT: Jto fashion/instagram /Yara Shahidi/ instagram/

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