Denrele Edun Remembers Late Goldie By Wearing Her Dress For ChannelO Africa Music Video Awards

The Channel O Africa Music Video Awards was an event that had everybody talking about two weeks ago. Well new interesting information has emerged.

The eccentric and entertaining Denrele Edun who was best friends with the Late pop singer, Goldie Harvey chose to remember his friend after 10 months of her demise by wearing Goldie’s very dress that she was to wear for the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award.

OnoBello OnoBello

Denrele stated:

“#LatePost. Presenting the Award for Most Gifted AfroPop video at the 2013 @channeloafrica MVAs and I&#39m gladly wearing my late friend&#39s dress….Yes, Goldie&#39s sheer number!! She was supposed to rock it to the AMVCAs this year but never got the chance! An hour before she passed on, she made me try on the outfit (funny, but we had the same body proportions) and told me, “You will never age, you sexy sl**!”. Few minutes and we had to rush her to the hospital! 10months later and I managed to make d outfit work; (I discovered the outfit in my box#Mystery)! Forgive me Goldie, I stepped on the train like crazy and ripped the hem but hey, I felt your presence with me on stage!! I stole the show as always!!! Crowd went WILD!!#HeavenCouldntWaitForYou #IWillSeeYouAgain #ThisIsNotWhereItEnds”

“Wondering why I&#39m wearing a jacket? The back of the dress plunges down to the curve of my backside and since I&#39m as flat as a SimCard, I decided to throw on a @remibuttons sequined jag on it! My sister&#39s jeans, my fav boots and I was good to go!!!

Only snag; Goldie….no vex say my hair na colour riot on top this couture piece of yours!! The day which we fear as our last is but the Birthday of Eternity!

#IWillCarryYouWithMe #SlippedAway#YouAreMyTomorrow #CandleInTheWind#IWillLoveYouBackToLife”

What do you think of this gesture?



Photo Credit: Instagram/Denreleedun

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