Check Out The Beautiful Yvonne Nwosu In Photographer Paul Ukonu’s Bedroom Series:’The Embittered Lover’


In this captivating editorial by Photographer Paul Ukonu for his Bedroom Series, he features the beauty Yvonne Nwosu in ‘The Embittered Lover‘ Edition as she marks her birthday today 8th August 2014.

Read on:

She slips it over her head and lets the hem fall to her ankle, and as she walks to the mirror she checks her makeup for the last time, then slips on the gold jewelry with royal blue details he gave her as a promise of his love for her, when he looked in her eyes and told her she was to be his queen and he would never betray her.


 She positions herself at the edge of the bed and checks herself again one last time in the mirror, then she hears a knock on the door and she glances as it as she waits for him to ease through the door way.

He is back, back from frolicking with his mistress…

Photoshoot Credits:

Photography: Paul Ukonu

Story: Daala Oruwari



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