Chinese Club Offers To Pay Unsettled Gareth Bale £1Million-A-Week Salary


Chinese Super League club Beijing Guoan have tabled a phenomenal TAX-FREE £1MILLION-A-WEEK salary for Real Madrid Unsettled forward, Gareth Bale, putting him in the prospect of being the world’s first player to earn such amount.

The chinese club tabled the deal after Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane blatantly declared that “he wants the Welshman out of the club as soon as possible.”

However, Bale’s furious agent Jonathan Barnett branded Zidane “a disgrace” for forcing his player to leave the Spanish giants.

Zidane refused to play Bale in Real’s 3-1 friendly defeat against Bayern Munich yesterday, instead sending the 30-year-old forward to watch from the stands.

According to reports, the pair have not spoken for two years and the Frenchman declared: “The club is working on his departure and that’s why he didn’t play.

“We’ll see what happens in the coming days. We’ll have to see if it goes through tomorrow. If it does, then all the better.

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