Colourful Arty & Floral Prints! Check Out House Of Marie’s ‘Rainy ‘15’ Collection- “Ethan’s Frame”

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Nigerian fashion brand House of Marie releases its ‘Rainy 2015’ collection tagged ‘Ethan’s Frame’.

The collection comes in colourful arty and floral prints cut into pieces that include tops, skirts, pants and jumpsuits. This is a trendy one for a young contemporary woman.

According to Joan Ibuzi– Creative Director of the brand: “The Rainy 2015 fashion season ushers in new ideas of frames within frames and thought process embedded in other thought processes.

Inspired by the idea of a dream within a dream and geometric shapes, House of Marie has created a collection built on creative and artistic inception anchored by a reality of strong asymmetry.

Ever the colour aficionado, House of Marie brings the colour rain though in muted tones and palettes this season.  The designer lets her audience in on the joy of getting lost in a library of fabrics and colors and even more, the feeling of completion that comes with creating something beautiful out of that chaos.

True to its inspiration, the collection features a variety of fabrics and textures bordered by contrasting textures and fabrics, exploiting fully the idea of juxtaposition, bordering contrasting thought processes alongside each other…”

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Check out the mood board inspiration for the collection below.



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