Coronavirus Cases Crosses Over 5 Million With 327,000 Death Toll Worldwide

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The novel Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has infected over five million people across the world, according to data supplied and computed by Worldometers.

The global total cases which now stand at 5,090,064 shows the United States of America as the most infected country with 1,578,801 cases.

The US is followed by Russia, Spain, Brazil and the UK with 308,705, 279,524, 275,382 and 248,818 respectively. China, despite being the genesis of the virus, has only 87 active cases.

US President, Donald Trump, had attributed the high number of cases recorded to massive testing. The US has done 12,799,877 tests. The US also tops the list of death recorded with 94,143 total death.

Despite the low cases being recorded in Africa, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Nigeria have recorded most cases with 17,200, 14,229, 7,542, 7,133 and 6,401 persons infected respectively. The continent has recorded only 2,963 deaths in 48 countries.

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