Couple Crush! Gabrielle Union x Dwyane Wade in Paris! Check out their Fashionable Looks

Dwayde and gabrielle UnionThe Wades are definitely so extra with their #WadeWorldTour like wow!

America’s newly crowned most fashionable couple, Gabrielle Union and Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade (sorry, Kimye), have decamped from the U.S.A. and touched down in Europe for a whirlwind summer excursion that included catching the tail end of men’s fashion week in Paris.

With the help of Union’s stylist, Thomas Christos, and Wade’s stylist, Calyann Barnett, the couple have been setting fire to the streets with their on-point coordinated ensembles by Valentino, Rick Owens, Off-White, Balmain and Berluti.

The Wades have been tracking their trip with the hashtag, #WadeWorldTour. Typically, a married couple with their own hashtag sounds like the absolute worst thing to happen to Instagram since “#Blessed,” but with Union and Wade, we’ll let it slide and this is mostly because their style is so lit.

The couple has documented past style moments with such gems as: “#ANightOntheRunWade,” “#BFFIsBae” and the classic, “#TheWades.” Being extra has never looked so good.

Dwyane 2


DWyane 3








Dwyade 7






Dwyane and Gabrielle Union


dwayne 9


Of the Thom Browne ensembles, CSN Chicago wrote the ludicrous headline, “Dwyane Wade Rocks an Absolutely Ridiculous Man Purse in Paris,” which is insulting to both Thom Browne and his wire-haired dachshund, Hector, after whom the bag was modeled. But in true form, the couple is letting the comment roll off their designer-clad backs.







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