COVID-19: WHO Says Pandemic Is ‘Not Even Close To Being Over’

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The World Health Organisation has warned countries not to lower their guard in the fight against Coronavirus, as global data of the disease reached 10 million infected persons worldwide with 500,000 deaths on Monday.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, gave the public advice saying that the pandemic is not close to being over. He also called for a renewed global commitment to saving lives as the virus continues to spread.

“We all want this to be over. We all want to get on with our lives. But the hard reality is: this is not even close to being over. Although many countries have made some progress, globally the pandemic is speeding up. We’re all in this together, and we’re all in this for the long haul,” he said.

Tedros stated that the UN agency would continue to serve countries with science, solidarity and solutions, repeating a phrase he has used throughout the pandemic. “The critical question that all countries will face in the coming months is how to live with this virus”, he said. Adding, “That is the new normal.”

Tedros underlined five priorities countries must focus on how to save lives. They include empowering people to protect themselves through physical distancing and other public health measures, but also through sharing reliable information about COVID-19.

“Governments must continue to work to suppress virus transmission, ensuring tracing and quarantining of contacts. 

“They must also prioritize early identification and clinical care, paying particular attention to high-risk groups such as the elderly and those living in long-term care facilities,” the WHO DG added.

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