Interview: “I Like Chidinma”, Sean Tizzle Talks Dating, Music, Style And What The Future Holds!

Everybody has heard of him in Nigeria, or at least heard of the 2013 club hit “Sho Lee” written by Sound Sultan, produced by D’Tunes and recorded as the first single from young emerging Nigerian musician, Sean Tizzle.

Real name Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele Morihanfen, Sean Tizzle is from Ondo state in Nigeria and comes from a family of 6 but unfortunately lost his sister a few years back so now they are 5 and he is the second to the last child. He attended C&S primary school, command secondary school Ibadan, then University of Ibadan where I studied Theatre Art.


He was formerly linked to Sound Sultan’s record label but is now with Difference Entertainment and has churned out two more hits after ‘Sho Lee’ with his latest single being ‘Komole’.

The OnoBello team got to have a chat with the young man to discuss music, love, life and the future.

OB: What ignited your passion for music?
ST: From a very tender age I have always love to sing or act as a child so i knew that 1 day it would get serious. But I didn&#39t just know when.

OB: How did your parents react, when you told them you wanted to pursue music as a career?
ST: My Parents have been very supportive of my decision


OB: What inspired the name, Sean Tizzle?
ST: Sean is from my real name Seun, Tizzle is my piercing just another way of expression myself.

OB: What was the first song you ever released?
ST: Sho Lee

OB: How did your breakout single, Sho Lee come about? Did you expect it to be as successful as it got?
ST: I believe every of my songs are potentials hit songs. But the success of Sho Le was God, a good producer and a wonderful team.


OB: Which artistes do you look up to, both Nigerian and foreign and which ones would you like to have a collaboration with?
ST: I look up to Dbanj, 2face and Psquare… I would love to have an international collabo with Nicky Minaj…that would be a cool collaboration *laughs*

OB: Which people have been the most instrumental to your career to date, both within the entertainment industry and outside?
ST: My Team (Difference Entertainment)

OB: When should we be expecting the album?
ST: Next year

OB: What are your immediate future plans, any project, upcoming shows, endorsement etc?
ST: I don’t wanna let the cat out the bag yet….. so keep your fingers crossed


OB: Have achieved what you set out to achieve at the onset of your career? If no, when would you say you have?
ST: I’m a growing brand so I’m not where I use to be and I know I’m going higher.

OB: Let’s talk about fashion; do you see yourself as a ‘fashionista’?
ST: I like to look smart and comfortable

OB:  What is your favourite fashion item?
ST: My chain and wrist watch

OB:  What would you not be caught dead wearing?
ST: *thinks* I don’t know

OnoBello OnoBello

OB: What inspired the peculiar hairstyle you have spotted in recent time?
ST: My hair style is low cut and simple

OB: What do you do at your leisure time?
ST: I sleep, play video games

OB: Tell us about your love life, any special person?
ST: Not yet

OB:  With the spotlight on you now, how do you deal with attention especially from the female fans?
ST: I love my female fans

OB:  If you were to choose amongst your female counterparts in the entertainment industry, who would you like to date?
ST: I like Chidinma

OB: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
ST: In 5years the brand Sean Tizzle would have gone international

OB: Any last word for your fans?
ST: Thank you all for the support God will continue to bless you all. Peace

For his new music “Komole” check here:

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