Daddy Freeze Faces Twitter Backlash For Promoting Alleged Fraudster, Hushpuppi

Daddy Freeze and Hushpuppi OnoBello

Popular radio broadcaster, Ifedayo Olarinde aka Daddy Freeze, is currently being slammed on Twitter for Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abass, otherwise known as Hushpuppi who was recently nabbed by Dubai police for alleged N160bn fraud.

Daddy Freeze, known for his incessant attacks on pastors, last year did a mini-documentary on Hushpuppi to promote the alleged fraudster. However, in the wake of Hushpuppi’s recent arrest many social media users revisited the documentary which began trending.

In the video which is almost an hour-long, Daddy Freeze mocked Nigerian youths, who accuse Hushpuppi of fraud. He was accompanied by his wife who described with glowing words Hushpuppi’s questionable lifestyle. Hushpuppi also gave the broadcaster a tour of his garage, his resplendent Dubai home, and an expensive wardrobe.

Daddy Freeze can be heard saying in the video, “Hushpuppi’s driver earns N700,000 month while you that abuses him on social media are doing houseboy work and earn N35,000 a month… Instead of you to beg Hushpuppi to hire your father as a driver.”

Following Hushpuppi’s arrest, hundreds of Nigerians lambasted Daddy Freeze for promoting fraud while criticising pastors. See few reactions below.

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