Dakore Akande, Mo Abudu, Daisy Danjuma, Ifeyinwa Ighodalo, Agbani Darego, Others, Attend The Maharaja Ball

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Dakore Akande Dakore Akande

The Indian themed Maharaja Ball was a night of opulence highlighting the Indian royalties of times past and present.

The ball which took place last Saturday May 9th 2015 at the Eko Hotel & Suit Victoria Island, Lagos was organized by Poosh & the KSL Foundation.

Blending the Indian culture together with the Nigerian, the night was filled with Sari’s, Turbans, Bindi’s, dazzling Afro-Indian luxury and more.

The charitable event was focused on children with Down syndrome. It was well attended by dignitaries such as Dakore Akande, Mo Abudu, Daisy Danjuma, Agbani Darego, Bola Balogun, Bobo Omotayo, Latasha Ngwube, Eku Edewor, Folake Coker, Nkiru Adekoya, Nike Davies Okundaye, Vivian Chilogi, Ruth Osime, Tope EduVeronica Odeka, Caterina Bortolussi, Funke Adepoju, Ifeyinwa Ighodalo, Onah Nwachukwu, Sharon Ojong, Emma Godwin and many others!

Highlight of the night was a runway show featuring designs of prominent Indian Designer Tarun Tahiliani. 

Red carpet photos! 

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Mariam Adeyemi Mariam Adeyemi
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Mo Abudu Senator Daisy Danjuma
7dfd5465gfgf Abdalla-&-Marya-Jammal
Veronica Odeka Abdalla & Marya Jammal
Anthonia-Ogboro Caterina-Bortolussi
Anthonia Ogboro Caterina Bortolussi
Chawelle-George Chief-&-Chief-Mrs-J
Chawelle George Chief & Chief Mrs J.A Odeyemi
Diana-Jarmakani Dinat-Tony-&-Raheet-Sajnani
Diana Jarmakani Dinat Tony & Raheet Sajnani
Funke-Adepoju Funmi-Daniels
Nneka Ararume Funmi Daniels
Idia-Aisien Ifeyinwa-ighodalo
Idia Aisien Ifeyinwa ighodalo
Ilona-Pinke Laurie-Coleman
Ilona Pinke Laurie Coleman
Lola-Okunda Maureen-Sunny-Rose
Lola Okunda Maureen Sunny Rose
Mazin-&-Rima-Jarmakani Mr-&-Mrs-Abbi
Mazin & Rima Jarmakani Mr & Mrs Abbi
Mr-&-Mrs-Chiwezie- Mr-&-Mrs-Freddy
Mr & Mrs Chiwezie Mr & Mrs Freddy
Mr-&-Mrs-Gili-Sunil-Thadani Mr-&-Mrs-Gululichangibani
Mr & Mrs Gili Sunil Thadani Mr & Mrs Gululichangibani
Mr-&-Mrs-H Mr-&-Mrs-Mamemo-Ibru
Mr & Mrs H Mr & Mrs Mamemo Ibru
Mr-&-Mrs-Opeodu Mr-Gautam-&-Miss-Rana
Mr & Mrs Opeodu Mr Gautam & Miss Rana
Mrs-Ajumogobia Mrs-Ibru
Mrs Ajumogobia Mrs Ibru
Nneka-Ararume Olumide-Akande
Funke Adepoju Olumide Akande
Onah-Nwachukwu Sarita
Onah Nwachukwu Sarita
Sharon-Ojong-&-Emma-Godwin Tabia-Princewilljpg
Sharon Ojong & Emma Godwin Tabia Princewilljpg
Veena-Malhan Vikas-Mehraxfgh
Veena Malhan Vikas Mehra


More red carpet photos! 

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IMG_3084 IMG_3096
IMG_3111 IMG_3137
IMG_3167 IMG_3185
IMG_3190 IMG_3207
IMG_3215 IMG_3267


Inside photos! 

Nadya-Ruth-Froesch-&-Dakore-Akande Nike-Davies-Okundaye
Nadya- Ruth Froesch & Dakore Akande Nike Davies Okundaye
Agbani-Darego-&-Bola-Balogun Agbani-Darego
Agbani Darego & Bola Balogun Agbani Darego

Bola-Balogun Bola Balogun 


Bobo Omotayo & Latasha Ngwube


Eku Edewor


Folake Coker & Nkiru Adekoya


Mr & Mrs Balogun


Nkiru Anumudu

Onah-Nwachukwu-&-latasha-Ngwube Onah Nwachukwu & Latasha Ngwube 

Tope-Edu,-Vivian-Chilogi,-Mo-Abudu,-Nkiru-Anumudu-&-Ruth-Osime Tope Edu, Vivian Chilogi, Mo Abudu, Nkiru Anumudu & Ruth Osime 

More inside photos! 











Photo Credit: Insignia Media




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