Danielle Margaux

Danielle Margaux, a Cape Town based fashion house, offers a high-fashion, clothing design and manufacture service focused towards satisfying the sartorial needs of individual customers. Clients seeking classic garments with a modern feel are offered the luxury of having clothing designed and cut to exact specifications. This service includes the creation of such in-demand items as wedding dresses and made-to-order evening-wear and tailored garments. However, a ready-to-wear range is also available under the Danielle Margaux label.



Company owner Danielle Margaux Vermaas is a qualified fashion designer, with a National Diploma in Fashion Design from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Danielle Vermaas has years of working experience in the industry locally and abroad, ranging from training in fashion buying to assisting on fashion shoots for various magazines. She started her designer career as a pattern drafter at renowned Cape Town fashion house Kluk/CGDT and later became creative design assistant and production manager. She has also worked with Cape Town designers Paul Van Zyl and Gabi Rosenwerth. As she started as a pattern drafter, the fit of the garments are extremely important to her and only the highest standard of quality acceptable. The company was established December 2009.Contact

For more information, contact:
E-mail: danielle@daniellemargaux.co.za
Website: www.daniellemargaux.co.za


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