Dare2Dream Season 2 Masterclass Series: Watch Ono Bello’s Tutorial On Social Media Entrepreneurship

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First we brought you the Masterclass tutorial from renowned human rights activist, Mrs. Hafsat Abiola at the Dare2Dream boot camp, them we followed up with that of Dr.Ola Orekunrin a British-Nigerian medical doctor and helicopter pilot, now we’ve got the footage from Ono Bello’s tutorial.

The third mentor joining the FCMB Challenge, Ms. Ono Bello- the Founder & Style Director of this digital magazine- www.onobello.com, held her Masterclass on social media entrepreneurship at Kinabuti Atelier. She educated the girls a lot on social media entrepreneurship and gave tips on what and what not to do. She told the girls, “Never use funky names when opening an account on social media but rather use real names”.

Ono urged the D2D finalist: “Be careful of what you post on social media so it never affects you in the future, be professional and never react to nasty comments from people, always be friendly and you will attract friends and followers.” She also told the girls to always keep their audience busy, switch things up once in a while on social media and at all times be involved in what other people do, tag people to your post and always make use of hash tags, share your knowledge of new things and also inspire your audience.

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