Dashing At 34! Alex Ekubo Celebrates His Birthday With Dapper New Looks

Alex Ekubo 34th Birthday Photos OnoBello (4)

Happy birthday, Alex Ekubo from everyone at OnoBello Media!

The Nollywood star actor has shared dashing photos of himself to mark the day and we can’t help but drool over them.

Along with the photos, Alex revealed that he has always lived by three principles in life which he elaborated in his caption. According to him, he would love to live a happy life, one ought to have someone to love, something to do & something to look forward to.

“Today I turn 34, I’ve always believed that for a happy life, you need 3 things. Someone to love, Something to do & Something to look forward to. So here is me thanking God for, the LOML, Nollywood & all the amazing work/fun stuff I’ll get up to after this quarantine. People always say, “you only live once”, well if you do it right, Once is enough.

To everyone trying to get to their next level, just know that your speed doesn’t matter, Forward is Forward. & God will put you where he wants you, Even if no one thinks you deserve the position. That been said, Let’s lift each other up & cheer each other on, rather than try to outshine one another. The sky would be awfully dark with just one Star. So pls let’s spread more love, we are all we’ve got. Signed, Ikuku The Breeze of Nollywood. Peace & Love Always.”  he wrote.

See more shots below.

Alex Ekubo 34th Birthday Photos OnoBello (3)


Alex Ekubo 34th Birthday Photos OnoBello (5)


Alex Ekubo 34th Birthday Photos OnoBello (2)


Alex Ekubo 34th Birthday Photos OnoBello (1)

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