Davido Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Lady Who Accused Him Of Impregnating Her


While singer, Davido is still celebrating the birth of his first son and third child, allegations has been leveled against him, as two girls in a video circulating around accused him of impregnating one of them and denying it.

In the video, the lead speaker who claimed to be the sister of the girl pregnant accused the pop singer of impregnating her younger sister and denying it, the said younger sister seated at her back continuously affirming the claims with a nod.

Not the first time such accusations have sprung up, Davido reacted to the news on his social media, threatening that he would make sure the girls end up in  jail for making false accusations for clout.

The singer, who seem to be very serious with his threats has decided to set up a bounty hunt for the girls, announcing the hunt via twitter he promised to give one million to whoever is able to provide information about the girls.

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