D’banj Cleared Of Rape Allegation As Accuser Withdraws Petition

D'banj Seyitan Babatayo OnoBello

Seyitan Babatayo, the young lady, who accused Nigerian singer, Oladapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’Banj, of rape has notified the police of withdrawing her petition.

Recalled that the music star made headlines back in June after Seyitan made rape allegations against D’banj. The statement claimed he reportedly raped her in a hotel on December 30, 2018.

In a letter dated July 17, 2020 addressed to the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, through her lawyer, Olamide Omileye, Seyitan said she was withdrawing the case for personal reasons.

“We hereby officially notify you of our client’s intention to withdraw and discontinue her petition against Mr Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo aka D’Banj for personal reasons.

“Our client further humbly applies that the investigation and all other action that is currently being carried out by the police with respect to the statement,” the letter shared by blogger, Kemi Olunloyo on Twitter, read in part.

In his response to the letter, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Admin), Umar Sanda, said the investigation had been discontinued due to lack of evidence. Seyitan Babatayo also released a statement after the news was made public.

Her statement is a reaction to a statement released by the human rights group, Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER), that has been trying to get justice for her. In a statement released after Seyitan dismissed her petition, STER accused activist Segun Awosanya, aka Segalink of attempting to “pervert justice” in the case between Seyitan Babatayo and D’banj.

STER claimed in the statement that Segalink texted an address to Seyitan and asked her to attend a meeting with D’banj there. STER said the meeting was aimed at negotiating a private settlement and Seyitan’s legal counsel was also scheduled to be in attendance.


Segalink reacted, stating that Seyitan and her family were not interested in pursuing the case or a legal battle. Reacting to STER’s statement, Seyitan cleared Segalink of trying to pervert justice. She said it was her family that tried to reach a settlement so they reached out to Segalink.

She wrote: “It was my family members and I that did resolve to and subsequently contacted @Segalink to facilitate a meeting with D-banj’s team for a resolution of the issue and as I did not intend to continue with this contention.”

She made other points in her statement and ended with: “I really want my PEACE. Thank you.” Read her full statement below.

D'Banj and Seyitan Rape Petition OnoBello (2)


D'Banj and Seyitan Rape Petition OnoBello (1)

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