Designer Biography – Dumebi Iyamah Of Andrea Iyamah

20 year old Canadian-based Nigerian designer, Dumebi Iyamah states thatAndrea Iyamah originally began as a fashion blog before it developed into a clothing line in 2011. While she had always enjoyed sewing, Iyamah didn’t think she would be able to start her own clothing line.  Iyamah came to Canada four years ago from Nigeria to pursue a degree in communication studies and multimedia.

Swimwear 2013

Acknowledging her talent at an early stage of 12 years old, the designer developed tailoring skills acquired through lessons that assisted her in completing the first few creations of the Andrea Iyamah brand.

Ndu Collection 2012

The youngest in a family of six, she fondly recalls how she would save up money just to purchase a sewing machine. She vividly remembers her first collection; it consisted of only two pieces of clothing: a pair of shorts and jacket. Her sister modeled them and she photographed her.

Plush Collection 2012

Studying in McMaster University in Canada, the designer juggles between her passion and education, setting time out for school and also running the Andrea Iyamah brand. Inspired by a diverse range of ideas, Dumebi Iyamah seeks to exhibit her creativity, from the sketching stage to the delicate end details of the production process of every piece.

Dumebi Oghor Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah has been featured in various local and international fashion shows. From a student-run cultural extravaganza at the University of Pittsburg to fundraising for a nonprofit children’s organization in Nigeria, Iyamah has started to establish an international presence for her clothing line. Andrea Iyamah fashion has been featured in Mania magazine.



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