Ditch Bikinis, Try Skirtinis This Summer!

Are you jetting off to a beach destination this summer? Well, here’s beach trend – Skirtinis.

Skirtini will have you looking sweet and sexy while out on the beach.

OnoBello OnoBello

Dreading the big reveal on the beach? So was I, until I discovered this summer’s answer to wobbly thighs, stretch marks and bulging love handles: the skirtini.

As the name suggests, it’s not a skirt, it’s not a bikini — it’s both: swimwear that comes with a little skirt attached to skim over lumpy thighs and cover wobbly bottoms. Many are all-in-one swimsuits which incorporate extra fabric into the design but there are also tankini tops that come with briefs that are not so brief thanks to a nifty skirt overlay.

Even bikinis can be skirtinis — you get the same bra top, but the skirted bottom gives extra coverage just where you need it.

But be warned: the length of the skirt and the cut of the top has to be just perfect to flatter — but get it right and a well-chosen skirtini will totally transform how you look — and feel — on the beach this summer.

OnoBello OnoBello
OnoBello OnoBello


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