DJ Khaled And His Family Look Adorable On The January 2021 Issue Of Parents

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DJ Khaled and his family are the newest clan to grace the cover of Parents Magazine. According to the publication, “the music producer and entrepreneur has many claims to fame, among them his hits with @Beyonce, @IAmCardiB, @JustinBieber and more, but

For the January 2021 edition, the Grammy winner and his wife, Nicole Tuck, opened up about raising his two sons — Asahd, 4, and Aalam, 10 months, pandemic parenting, teaching their two little boys about hard work, responsibilities, and helping them enjoy their childhood as much as possible.

The Mega-producer who was pictured posing in matching outfit with his boys says he “always wanted to be a dad” and “couldn’t wait to have kids — it’s something I’d been talking about most of my adult life.”

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Now, as the father of two, he says his little ones “bring me joy every single day.” He is a “protective” parent, DJ Khaled who is basking in the joys of fatherhood will admit, careful to allow his older son to only listen to sanitized versions of music.

The couple define also their personal parenting styles, with Khaled claiming “fun” while Tuck takes “structured.” Khaled concedes: “True. I always tell the kids we are so blessed to have Mommy.”

The parents open up about their older son Asahd, with Dad calling him “such a good kid” and adding that “we are so blessed it’s unbelievable.” (Khaled updates that Aalam is currently “learning how to walk.”) The hip-hop hit-maker also shares that he has a favorite part of the day with hist firstborn when they share sweet bonding time.

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DJ Khaled Parents Magazine OnoBello (1)

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