Do You Believe In Destiny?

There are times that we are forced to reluctantly wonder about destiny. We wonder – are we destined to be rich or poor, have kids or not, make it in life or not? Or else, why is it that some people work so hard all their lives and just never get the break they desperately need or want? What of those who lose it all right after they make it? Or the nice girl who maintained her high moral standards, amidst intense temptation, but never met her soul mate, or if she did, never was blessed with the child she desperately wanted? Is it possible to count the number of people who do not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labour? I know someone like that – after struggling for almost fifteen years, he finally makes it in an honest way. Less than five years plus a wife and two kids later, he dies tragically from cardiac arrest…this was a young man in the prime of his life.


We all know the popular saying, ‘que sera sera’ – whatever will be, will be. If that is the case, then why should we bother with all the hustle and bustle? If our destinies are predetermined, is there any point to it all? Why struggle to make money when you come from a family of unsuccessful hustlers – no one’s ever made it in your family despite all their hard work. Why hustle for success in your chosen vocation when no one from your neighbourhood has made it past mediocre – practically everyone you know is proof of this. Why make plans for the future when your family has a strong history of premature deaths amongst the males – your dad and uncles are victims of this ‘supposed’ fate. Why bother at all because if your destiny is predetermined, does that not mean you will meet a certain end no matter what you do?

Sometime ago, I listened to someone preach about hope and how we easily lose it in the face of crisis or challenges. It was also said that the cause of this easy loss is our lack of faith in a higher power – God. I thought deeply about this and came to a conclusion. I don’t believe people lose hope because they lack faith in God, I really think people lose hope because they lack faith in their worthiness of God’s love and mercy. When trials come our way, our human minds begin to wander and we think – we deserve this because we have fallen short of HIS glory so why should we not be punished? We must have done something wrong for sure so we deserve our continued failure in different areas of our lives. Or else, why is it that I just can’t catch a break while some other people I know, and who I feel I’m better than, are cruising along successfully?

I have to admit I have had my moments of weakness in this regard where certain things happen and I take an inventory of my life and how I am living it – trying to see the things I have done wrong or the sins I have committed that might have led to the punishment from above. It has taken a while but I honestly think I have overcome that phase and learnt a valuable lesson – good or bad happens to everyone and not necessarily because you have been so good or so bad. The important thing is to remain focused on the real things – our faith in God and commitment to live a life worthy of HIM. So whether things are going well for you or not, whether your life is as you imagined it or not (really, whose is?), whether you keep striving and are yet to be rewarded with your desires, just keep the faith and never lose hope for to lose hope is to lose faith and to lose faith is to lose everything. Let’s all believe that our end is only predetermined by a sum of our efforts dosed with some luck and largely spiced with God’s grace and let’s pray, and hope, that the spice and luck we desire surely arrive to crown our efforts.  




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