Donald Trump Rebuffs Calling Sussex Duchess and US Former Actress, Meghan Markle Nasty Despite Recording

President Trump looks out at repoters after meeting with members of Congress at the White House in Washington

Donald Trump (Reuters,/Jim Young )

President of the United States of Nigeria, Donald Trump has rebuffed recorded comments of him calling the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle “nasty”. Even though there was an audio released by the Sun Newspaper, the president tweeted on Sunday saying that he never called the Duchess nasty, adding that it was made up by the fake news media.

According to the Sun newspaper, the US President had made the poor remark of US former actress, Meghan Markle in an interview before visiting the United Kingdom. During the Hilary/Trump Election in 2016, Meghan who was an ardent supporter of Hilary had referred to Trump as being “divisive” and a “misogynist”.

When the President was told of her comments about him while he was on an interview with the Sun, he had expressed shock and said “I didn’t know she was that nasty”.

He however added that, he was pleased with her marriage connection with the royal family of England and that he was sure she will make a “good princess”.
He said: “It is nice, and I am sure she will do excellently”.

On Saturday, the Sun posted the audio recording of the interview with quotes from the interview.

Several comments were made under Trump’s tweet where he had denied saying those words about the Princess and referred to the publishers of his interview as “Fake News Media”.

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